I drink 12 pints a day Am I an alcoholic?

Answer only if its alcohol

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Why is it that you can go out and drink 7 or 8 pints and then wake up in the morning thirsty?

Well, depends: are you thirsty for more beer or water. If the former, then you're either an alcoholic or "biting the hair of the dog," if the latter it's because drinking dehydrates you which cont... Read More »

How is it possible for people to drink 8 glasses if water a day?

Drinking beverages at room temperature is actually pretty standard in many parts of the world. In some places it's because having chilled drinks are a luxury, in some places it's because that's ho... Read More »

Why do people drink bottled water?

People choose to drink bottled water for a variety of reasons. Bottled water is popular all over the world with sales increasing every year.TasteIn many areas, bottled water tastes different than t... Read More »

Why dont people drink tap water?

You're lucky - my water is clear but boy does it taste of chemicals ??? In the past week its got worse and tea made with tap water tastes like its had disenfectant added - its disgusting !!!!!