How many senses does a human have?

Answer Humans have five senses, each of which corresponds to a specific organ. We use our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our nose to smell, our tongue to taste and our skin to sense touch.References:Natio... Read More »

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How many ribs does the human skeleton have?

The human body has 12 pairs of ribs for a total of 24 ribs. The ribs form the rib cage, a structure that helps protect the body's internal organs such as the heart and lungs.Source:Spine Universe: ... Read More »

How many cuticles does human hair have?

Human hair has only one cuticle. It is the outer layer of the hair shaft. A human hair cuticle is a single layer, containing overlapping fish-like scales. If there were more than one layer of cu... Read More »

How many ribs does a human baby have?

How many fingers does the human hand have?

A normal human has four fingers and one thumb on each hand. The fingers include the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and baby finger. Each finger has three different segments, connected by ... Read More »