What would happen to you if you lost 3 pints of blood?

Answer You would most likely need a transfusion after losing three pints of blood.

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Is this low blood sugar or is my body saying im hungry?

No, you are just hungry. You are growing and need a lot of food!The signs of hypoglycemia are:-Sweating-Paleness-Shakiness-Dizziness-Confusion-Feelings of anxietyThe fact you feel like your stomach... Read More »

Why does blood turn red as it circulates through the body?

It actually turns blue, except when it goes through the lungs where the hemoglobin becomes loaded with oxygen. Then it becomes red again.

How the body controls blood sugar?

The bloodstream carries glucose—a type of sugar produced from the digestion of carbohydrates and other foods—to provide energy to cells throughout the body. Unused glucose is stored mainly in t... Read More »

How does your body control blood sugar?

The blood sugar level is controlled via hormones such as insulin and glucagon. There are many other hormones associated with this function but these two hormones are the chief regulators for blood ... Read More »