How many pints in a keg?

Answer A full keg, or half-barrel keg--the standard keg used in the U.S.--contains 124 pints, or 124 16-oz. servings. A quarter-barrel keg, or pony keg, holds 62 pints; a sixth-barrel keg, or torpedo keg,... Read More »

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Is there going to be a Two pints of larger series 8?

yes there ischeck this link

How many cups in a quart of ice cream?

One quart of ice cream contains four cups. If you are serving six to eight people, a quart size is recommended since it will provide a 1/2 cup serving of ice cream for each person.References:Servin... Read More »

How many jelly beans are in a quart jar?

The amount of jelly beans that will fit in a quart jar may vary according to the size of the jelly beans. For average-sized jelly beans, approximately 230 jelly beans will fit into a quart-sized gl... Read More »

How many cups are in a quart of popcorn?

There are four cups in one quart of popcorn. In the United States, the system used for making measurements is the metric system. A cup and a quart are measurements for liquids and dry ingredients.R... Read More »