Will 2 pints of beer get me drunk?

Answer Evan you the man, best answer!!Oh, yeah it is POSSIBLE the 2 pints O' beer gets you drunk.

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Am i ok drinking 6 pints of beer and 4 litres of cider per day.?

No...Are you really being serious or just silly?

Do you think some girls look a bit odd drinking full pints of beer, when there out.?

it was a pint and a half in the old days but not these

How would drinking 10 pints of beer make you feel?

Positively sick Elric 'cos I can't stand beer!!!!

How many pints in a keg?

A full keg, or half-barrel keg--the standard keg used in the U.S.--contains 124 pints, or 124 16-oz. servings. A quarter-barrel keg, or pony keg, holds 62 pints; a sixth-barrel keg, or torpedo keg,... Read More »