How many pins does dvi-d have?

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How many pins does a printer cable have?

The parallel ports once commonly used to communicate with printers adhere to the IEEE 1284 standard and have either 25 or 36 pins. These ports have largely been replaced, however, by four-pin USB i... Read More »

How many pins does a ddr2 sdram have?

DDR2 SDRAM has 240 pins when meant for desktop computers and 200 pins when meant for notebook computers. DDR2 is an improvement in speed over DDR, but DDR3 has further improved data transfer speeds... Read More »

How many pins does a Molex connector have?

Molex is a company that makes a range of different connectors. Their best known connector is the four-pin drive connector that provides power to the optical drives and hard drives present in many c... Read More »

How many pins does the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port on the Motorola DCT-6416-III have?

According to the diagrams provided in the manual for Motorola's DCT6400 line of HD receivers, the Motorola DCT 6416 III uses a nine-pin 1394 FireWire cable. These cables are also commonly referred ... Read More »