How many pins are there on a floppy drive cable?

Answer A floppy drive cable has 34 conducting wires, while the floppy cable connector on a computer motherboard has 34 pins. Many floppy cables are able to support two floppy drives on the same cable.Sour... Read More »

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How many pins are in a floppy drive connector?

A floppy drive connector has 34 pins. Many floppy connectors have notches (shown in picture), which serve as keys, preventing cables from being inserted incorrectly. If you install a floppy cable w... Read More »

How do I connect a floppy drive using an 80-wire cable?

Opening the Computer CaseUnplug all cables from your computer tower and place the tower on its right side. Remove the screws from the left side of the tower using a Phillips or flathead screwdriver... Read More »

What type of cable is used to connect the floppy drive to the motherboard?

A floppy drive connects to the motherboard using a floppy drive cable. The floppy drive cable looks similar to the older IDE cables except for the fact that they are slightly smaller.References:Kit... Read More »

How many pins are in a VGA cable?

Standard VGA cables and ports have 15 pins. However, there are also less common VGA implementations with fewer pins, such as the 9-pin VGA port and the mini-VGA port used by some laptops.References... Read More »