How many pins are in computer connectors?

Answer The number of pins in a computer cable is determined by what the cable is intended to do, and what technology is used. RS232-DB25 cable has 25 pins, while the RS232-DB9 has only nine pins. VGA conn... Read More »

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How many connectors are in a PCMCIA Type II slot on a laptop computer?

A stardard PCMCIA Type II card has 68 pins. The PCMCIA Type I and PCMCIA Type III card also have 68 pins; the only difference among the three types is the form factor of the card.References:Hardwar... Read More »

Is there a computer program where you can keep your passwords and pins and they're kept secure?

i create a folder in my email and send it to myself for example a pin number for lloyds bank i would name for securityas john lloyd and put a false phone number with the last 4 digitsthat are your ... Read More »

Does the "LG 26LC2R - 26" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV " have a computer input as in the blue thing with pins?

Are the pins in computer processes really gold, or are they just gold plated?

That depends. Now-A-Days they are only gold plated for cost reasons, thats why components are now priced cheaper. Back in the day, processors & such were made of 24 carat gold & were expensive. Whe... Read More »