How many pieces of art did van gogh complete?

Answer Although there is no definitive number of works of art that Vincent van Gogh created, it is estimated that he finished over 2000 total pieces at the time of his death. This includes 900 paintings a... Read More »

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Trying to build a computer from pieces, will these pieces work together?

Van Gogh Art Techniques?

There are many different components that characterize the classic paintings of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). Anything from the type of canvas to the type of paint used can make a difference in the ... Read More »

What area of art was van gogh known for?

Vincent van Gogh paintings are post-impressionism. His use of color, sweeping brushstrokes and technique were a path between impressionism and abstract impressionism. Van Gogh started in the impres... Read More »

The Difference Between Heady Glass Pieces & Glass Pieces?

A heady glass piece is a term assigned to a piece of a specific quality. High-quality pieces are described as "heady" by glass enthusiasts. Quality is based on a number of factors including skill a... Read More »