How many pieces are there in a domino set?

Answer In a standard or "double-six" domino set, there are 28 tiles. This includes all the possible combinations of the two numbers between zero and six plus a double tile for each number, such as a zero-... Read More »

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Trying to build a computer from pieces, will these pieces work together?

The Difference Between Heady Glass Pieces & Glass Pieces?

A heady glass piece is a term assigned to a piece of a specific quality. High-quality pieces are described as "heady" by glass enthusiasts. Quality is based on a number of factors including skill a... Read More »

PC domino games?

Dominoes are small wooden or plaster tiles that can be used to play a wide variety of games. While there are many cheap domino sets available in stores, there is also a wide variety of PC domino ga... Read More »

What is Fats Domino's first name?

Fats Domino was born Antoine Domino, Jr. in 1928 in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to Best known for the songs "Blueberry Hill" and "Ain't that a Shame," Domino was given his stag... Read More »