How many pictures will you get from a 8gb card for my new nikon s8100 camara?

Answer OVER EXPOSURE - too bright, the image would result to being whiter than normal. UNDER EXPOSURE - too dark, the image would likely to appear black

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How many pictures can a 2GB memory card hold on a 10 megapixel camara?

Unfortunately no.But other then that its a really good camera :)

How many pictures does a 1 GB Flash memory card hold for a 8 MP digital camara?

You took pictures without the memory card in your nikon d60 how do you get the pictures out?

You can't. It has no hard disk. Your pictures are simply lost.

Where is nikon s8100 made?

For the Nikon DX Nikkor 18-55 mm (the one that comes with the D3100) the UV filter is installed immediately after installing the lens itself. Being outside the lens, it will protect the lens as wel... Read More »