How many pictures will fit on a 16gb sd card?

Answer The 16GB SD card can hold up to 4200 images with an average of 3.9MB per file. The format supported to reach 4200 images would be the JPEG format with 8MP (megapixels). The card can hold up to 4000... Read More »

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How many raw pictures will a 16gb cf card hold?

The 16GB memory cards can hold anywhere from 381 pictures, all the way up to approximately 11,444 pictures. The number of pictures that can be stored to a memory card depends solely on the megapixe... Read More »

How many pictures does a Sandisk II 16GB card hold?

A Sandisk II 16 GB memory card can hold up to 11,444 pictures. The actual amount that will fit depends on the megapixel of the camera and the format of the pictures taken. These factors impact the ... Read More »

How many pictures will a 16gb memory card hold at 5 megapixels?

The relationship is direct. The greater the video resolution the more pixels it requires. Digital imaging and computer screens address each and every pixel on the screen directly. you can decide E... Read More »

How many pictures can a 16GB compactflash memory card on a 10 megapixel camera?

You may have accidentally deleted them. But it should be no problem at all to get them back. Do not take any more pictures, and remove the card from the camera to lessen the chance of you overwriti... Read More »