How many pictures will an xD picture card hold?

Answer The xD picture card, developed by Olympus, will hold between 80 and 1,635 pictures, depending on the size of the picture files and the capacity of the card.SourceOlympus

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How many pictures does a 256 MB picture card hold?

A 256 MB picture card will hold 250 two- to four-megapixel images, 125 five- to six-megapixel images, 85 seven- to eight-megapixel images and 62 nine-megapixel images. These numbers will vary sligh... Read More »

How many pictures will a 16mb picture card hold?

A 16MB picture card will hold 15 two to four megapixel images, seven images for a five to six megapixel camera and three pictures for a camera with seven or more megapixels. These numbers will vary... Read More »

How many pictures will a Fuji 128MB picture card hold?

A Fuji 128-MB picture card can hold up to 142 pictures. The number will vary depending on the resolution of the picture, pixel count and other settings on the camera being used.References:Crucial: ... Read More »

How many pictures resolution 4416 x 3312 can a 128 MB SD memory card hold in a 14.7 mega pixel camera hold?