How many pictures will a 8g card hold at 15.1 mega pixels?

Answer is it under warenty ?? was it water damage or droped ??? let us know a little moreset the camera to the infinity setting the sideways 8

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How many pictures will sd card hold with 10 mega pixels?

It would seem that this camera is not compatible with the high-capacity SD cards, such as SDHC or SDXC, and since the highest capacity of data on a standard SD card is 2 GB, then that would be the ... Read More »

How many pictures can a 4 gig memory card hold at 12.1 mega pixels?

How many pictures will a 1GB memory card hold at 5.1 mega pixels?

It depends on the compression setting (may be normal, fine or superfine on your camera) that you use when creating the pictures. This assumes you are recording as jpegs and not RAW files, which are... Read More »

How many pictures a 4gb memory card hold at 12 mega pixels?