How many pictures will a 64 mb flash drive hold?

Answer It depends on size and resolution. On low quality setting, around 250 to 300.

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How many pictures will a 4GB USB flash drive hold?

A 4GB USB flash drive can hold up to 4,544 pictures. The number it will actually hold depends on the images themselves, such as the file format and quality of the resolution (the more megapixels, t... Read More »

How many pictures 4gb usb flash drive hold?

How many pictures does 8gb flash drive hold?

8gb worth.To determine the size of your pictures select one and at the bottom of the window it should have something that says 800KB or 1.2MB (could be any number, KB and MB are the units)If it is ... Read More »

How many pictures will an 8GB flash card hold?

The number of pictures you will be able to fit upon your 8 gigabyte flash card will depend in part on what your camera’s megapixels capacity setting is. For instance, if your camera's megapixel ... Read More »