How many pictures will a 4gb memory stick hold in a 10 mp camera?

Answer you have to buy a firewire cable. its about $20 at best buy. plug it into your camera the plug the cord on the other end into the computer.

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How many pictures can a 256MB memory stick pro duo hold in a 5 mega pixel digital camera?

The number of photos that can be held depends entirely upon what quality you wish to shoot the pictures at. A 5 megapixel camera, at maximum resolution, probably won't hold many photos. (25-30)As t... Read More »

How many pictures at 10 mega pixels will a 16gb memory stick hold?

It depends on how the images are encoded and the quality of the image. If they are JPEGs at high quality, then they will be around 4 megabytes each, so you would get around 4000 images on such a card.

How many pictures will a 1GB memory card hold in a 8 megapixel camera?

Convex, concave. Seriously you can find this stuff in a book.

How many pictures will a 256 mb memory card hold on a 6 megapixel camera?