How many pictures will 8GB hold?

Answer The number of pictures depends entirely on the size of each picture. Here are some guides:Picture size 100KB - up to 80 000 pictures.Picture size 500KB - up to 16 000 picturesPicture size 1MB - up ... Read More »

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I am looking at a certain Nikon camera and need to know how many pictures it will hold My question is how many pictures can 35 megabites hold?

How many pictures will 1G hold?

You can zoom but for unknown reason it only uses digital zoom, not optical. Which causes a lot of noises on the video

How many pictures will an SD card hold?

SD cards do not have a standard carrying capacity, according to the SD Association. As of 2010, the highest-capacity SD cards can carry up to 2TB (terabyte) of media. A more moderate 32GB card can ... Read More »

How many pictures will a 32 mb sd card hold?

it depends on the megapixels of the camera! Higher megapixel cameras will fill up memory cards faster because they are saving more information from each picture than a lower megapixel camera!