How many pictures will 2GB hold in 3.2MP camera?

Answer No

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I am looking at a certain Nikon camera and need to know how many pictures it will hold My question is how many pictures can 35 megabites hold?

How many pictures will an 8GB hold on a 5.1 MP camera?

The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's senso... Read More »

How many pictures will a 4gb card hold on a 9mp camera?

It actually depends on your cameras compression setting, which determines how small the jpeg file will be. But the range is going to be between about 1000 pictures and 3400 pictures.

How many pictures will a 128 MB card hold on a 10 megapixal camera?