How many pictures can you save on memory sticks?

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Do pictures get blurry when memory sticks get old?

No, digital images stored on a memory card will not degrade over time. Pictures are stored as data files, which will remain identical to the day the picture was taken, provided the memory card rema... Read More »

How do I save pictures to a USB memory stick?

Install and Open the USB Memory StickInsert the flash drive into the USB port on your computer. Click on "Open Folder" to view the files menu option on the memory stick menu once the flash drive op... Read More »

How Do I Save Pictures if the Camera Says Format Memory Card?

Most digital cameras save pictures on an internal memory card. This card is easy to remove from the camera and place into another device or a computer. This makes it easy to move your pictures from... Read More »

How many pictures can Nikon camera S203 save photos with out the memory card?