How many pictures can an 8gb memory stick hold at 2.0 mega pixels?

Answer The lens of a digital camera has a certain focal length, expressed in mm. For example, a 50mm lens has a field of view that approximates what we see with our eyes looking straight ahead. A 25mm wid... Read More »

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How many pictures can a 8gb memory stick hold at 7.2 mega pixels?

Your looking at about 3200 pictures Approx No. Photo's 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 3 Megapixel 905 1808 3619 7238 14476 28952 4 Megapixel 762 1524 3046 6092 12184 24368 5 Megapixel 595 1190 2381 476... Read More »

How many pictures at 10 mega pixels will a 16gb memory stick hold?

It depends on how the images are encoded and the quality of the image. If they are JPEGs at high quality, then they will be around 4 megabytes each, so you would get around 4000 images on such a card.

How many pictures can a 32GB memory stick hold at 12.1 mega pixels?

How many photos does a 128MB memory stick hold on a 5.1 mega pixels campra hold?

Answer from Dtracer A 128mb memory car would hold about 70 4mp photos. But it depends how many mp (mega pixels) you camera has. Hope this helps youdtracer (i would be grateful for any points given)