How many pictures can 12.1 megapixel power-shot SD970 holds in 4GB card?

Answer You don't. If you do format it you will delete everything on it, including your pictures.I am assuming you have a USB-memory with pictures from a camera? If this is the case the pictures are saved ... Read More »

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How many pictures 32 MB memory card with 4 megapixel?

The five cameras that I have had that used SD cards didnot need a formatting of the card before using it in the cameras.One of these cars will not be recognized in a couple of USB card holders that... Read More »

16 GB memory card holds how many pictures?

How many pictures can you take on a 15 megapixel camera with a 8 gb memory card?

Pentax K-mount lenses.

How many pictures on a 2GB memory card from a 12 megapixel camera?