How many pictures?

Answer There are hundreds of questions posted which begin with those 3 words. The answer varies depending on the resolution and quality settings in the camera as well as what is in the photo. Please see t... Read More »

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I am looking at a certain Nikon camera and need to know how many pictures it will hold My question is how many pictures can 35 megabites hold?

How many pictures in 8 GB?

It really depends on your camera and it's settings. The lower the resolution, and the higher the compression setting, the more pictures will fit on your card. That aside, the range is very large; i... Read More »

How many pictures on 1 tb?

depends on the size of the pictures. if 1picture=1MB, then 1TB= 1,024,000 pictures if 1picture=100KB, then 1TB= 10,737,418 pictures ...and so on. note:1TB= 1000GB =1,024,000 MB =1,073,741,824 KB

How many pictures can fit on a 2 GB SD?

The picture capacity of a 2 GB SD card depends on the mega pixels (MP) of the photo image. For example, you can fit approximately 700 3 MP photos and 420 16 MP photos on a 2 GB SD card.Source:Card-... Read More »