How many pics does a 8gb card hold on 8.1 MP?

Answer There's a tiny slit in the back to the right of the power cord.

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How many pics can a 2gb memory card hold?

With a current model camera you'd probably be looking at 300-400, but the lower the Mega Pixels of the camera, the more pics you'll get on the card. More pixels (dots) in the pic means more space t... Read More »

How many pictures and how GB sd card hold and how many hours doe's a 16 GB sd card hold?

probably v small piece of paper trapped behind & between white rollers try vacuum cleaner with small nozzle to suck it out

If you have pics taken on a cannon camera on a SD card and want to use your samsung camera to load through onto your PC why can you not get a preview of the pics?

Answer The photos are stored in a propriatary format to the camera. Only the camera can modulate and demodulate the file to and from a computer.

How many photos dose a 128 MB memory card hold on a 10.1 mega pixels camara hold?

Physical damage Electrical damage (including removal from camera (reader) while reading, shutting down host hardware while reading, static electric discharge)Magnetic damageInsertion in a reader co... Read More »