How many photos does the 16 GB IPAD 2 hold?

Answer No because the new ipad has magnets and the older one doesn't

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How many photos does the 64 gb IPAD 2 hold?

About 115,000 pics taken with the built-in camera, if you have no music or downloaded apps installed. Everything takes up storage space.

How many photos can a 32gb iPad hold?

We will just say that most photos will take up 4 MB. The iPad has around 28 gigs of space because of the pre installed apple stuff. So maybe 14,000 if you didn't use it for nothing else.

How many photos does the 32GB iPad 2 hold?

This question can't be answered just by giving a number... (Apps have not one file size, it can vary from 1mb to hundreds of megabytes... )An iPad with 16gb can carry a lot of stuff... It will take... Read More »

How many photos does the 32GB iPad hold?

It will depend on the size of the photos and what else is on the iPad. Assuming that no apps, music or videos are being stored on the iPad and that the pictures are using JPEG compression then the ... Read More »