How many photos can you take with 1gb card?

Answer Depends on resolution, quality, and compression.

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Memorable photos are deleted by formating my memory card in camera,can i getback the photos?

Whoops, that'll teach you.Very doubtful if you can retrieve them if you have formatted the card.but... try one of the recovery programmes which you can find on the web, depending on the type of for... Read More »

How many photos fit on a 1gb card?

* 2 megapixel camera = 0.9MB 1GB = 1024MB 1024MB/0.9MB = 1137 Pictures * 3 megapixel camera = 1.2MB 1GB = 1024MB 1024MB/1.2MB = 853 Pictures * 4 megapixel camera = 2MB 1GB = 1024MB 1024MB/2... Read More »

How to Recover SD Card Photos?

Secure Digital memory cards can save digital camera and camcorder images. These small cards can then be connected to a PC to transfer the files to friends. When you accidentally remove the images f... Read More »

How to Put Your Nintendo DSi Sd Card Photos Into Your PC?

The Nintendo DSi camera doesn't seem to have an option where you can put pictures on your computer. So how do you get them on? Read on...