How many photos can you take on a 64MB micro SD card on a 1.3 mp cellphone camera?

Answer about 256 depending on other settings like size.

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How many photos are stored on a 1 GB micro SD card?

It greatly varies, based upon the Camera and Picture Resolution (from about 415 at 5+ MP to over 1200 at 3 MP)

How can i transfer all of my pictures from my 512 mb micro sd card from my cellphone to the big micro sd?

if you transfer directly ,it will be troublesome and slow.You can use a sd card reader,first transfer the pictures to computer,then from the computer transfer to the big micro sdhope it will help y... Read More »

How many files fit on a 64mb cf card?

With a capacity that is less than 1 percent of an 8 GB card, 64 MB compact flash (CF) cards are relatively small. CF cards are typically used in cameras and can hold 55 to 60 1 megabyte image file... Read More »

How many digital photos can you get with a 4.0 megapixel camera on a 1GB SD card?

A 1 GB SD card can store about 829 4-megapixel digital photos in the JPEG format at maximum quality. If your camera shoots in the higher quality RAW format, a 1 GB card can store about 166 4-megapi... Read More »