How many pets does Dr Dolittle have?

Answer three pets.

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How many pets can you have on a naval ship?

Pets may sail on naval vessels only with permission of the captain. Navy rules effective May 26, 2005, state that you may bring a fish, reptile or animal aboard, as long as you have the commanding ... Read More »

If your home owners association is telling you to only have 2 pets and you have 3 would should you do?

Read your governing documents to determine how many pets are allowed. If you require an exemption from the guideline, you can work with your board to resolve the situation. Another PerspectiveIf th... Read More »

How many American families own pets?

According to a 2009-2010 national survey, an estimated 71.4 million families in the United States own some type of pet, which equates to 62 percent of households counting an animal as part of their... Read More »

How many pets are lost each year?

According to Dr. Jim Humphries of the Veterinary News Network, approximately one out of every three pets will be lost each year. This adds up to more than 5 million pets per year.Source:Pet Docs on... Read More »