How many petals does a santan flower have?

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How many petals does a santan have?

On each flower of a santan it has 4 petals I hope you r happy now sincerly Bethany-k xXx

How many petals does a poppy flower have?

According to Russian agricultural website AgroAtlas, the common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) grows a stem of around 23 inches with a single flower. Each single poppy flower has four petals that usually h... Read More »

How many petals on a poppy flower?

There are four petals on a poppy flower.

How many petals are on a typical wild rose flower?

There are myriad varieties of roses. Typically, the number of petals on a wild rose flower is five. Some shrub roses, which are hardy in most climates and have a natural disease resistance, will ha... Read More »