How many petals does a carnation have?

Answer Carnations can have as few as five petals per flower to as many as 40.SourceCarnations

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Are carnation petals poisonous?

Carnation petals are not poisonous, they are edible. The petals are sweet and often used to decorate cakes and as a dessert ingredient. Carnation petals are also an ingredient in the French liquor ... Read More »

What does a red carnation mean?

Red carnations mean charity and love. The red carnation can be used in a bride's corsage, which, if combined with rosemary and geraniums, means love, fidelity and hope. Red carnations can also symb... Read More »

How to Make a Carnation Lei?

"Lei" is the Hawaiian word for "wreath" or "garland." While this flower wreath is popular throughout Hawaii, they are also given and warn throughout the Polynesian islands. The Lei is traditionally... Read More »

How do I cut carnation flowers?

Sterilize the ShearsSterilize your garden shears before you cut the carnation flowers to avoid from spreading diseases. Add one capful of bleach to a sink of warm water. Immerse your shears in the ... Read More »