How many petals does a Dutchman's britches have?

Answer Dutchman's britches (Dicentra cucullaria) is a perennial flower in the Fumariaceae family. Each flower consists of two white outer petals and two inner yellow petals. Other common names include Du... Read More »

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What is the meaning of whistle britches?

The term "whistle britches," while not widely used in modern society, has had many meanings since its creation. From a description of a foul body function to a teasing nickname, whistle britches ha... Read More »

How many petals does a marigold have?

"boodle", "borecole", "brassica oleracea acephala", "bread", "cabbage", "clams", "cole", "colewort", "dinero", "dough", "gelt", "kail", "lettuce", "lolly", "loot", "lucre", "moolah", "pelf", "scrat... Read More »

How many petals does a lily have?

Lilies usually have six petals total in two sets of three petals each. Sometimes a lily will only have one set and therefore only three petals. All parts of the lily, including the petals, are pois... Read More »

How to Buy Breast Petals?

Breast petals or nipple petals are accessories designed to shield the nipples and prevent irritation. They commonly feature a flower petal design that contours to the breast shape and adhesive is u... Read More »