Where is the dollar worth the most?

Answer In absolute numbers, a U.S. dollar is worth most in Zimbabwe. About U.S. $300 will be worth 100 trillion ZWD (Zimbabwe dollar) in Zimbabwe. Spiraling inflation due to frequent wars the country face... Read More »

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What is the dollar worth in Mexico?

The exchange rate between the Mexican peso and the American dollar is constantly changing but as of May 2010 is approximately 13 pesos for every dollar. However, the exchange rate is probably not a... Read More »

What is the dollar worth in Italy?

Italy's unit of money is called the Euro. The euro is used throughout Europe. International exchange rates determine how many euros an American dollar is worth at any given time. As of May 2010, th... Read More »

What is the U.S. dollar worth in Russia?

The official currency of Russia is the rouble. As of May 19, 2010, the exchange rate of the dollar to the rouble is one U.S. dollar to 30.9263 roubles. This fluctuates with changes in the currency ... Read More »

How much is a 1 dollar worth in 1945?