How many persons are in a military troop?

Answer A troop is an armored or air cavalry unit in the U.S. Army that is comprised of roughly 62 to 190 people. A comparable number of soldiers in the Army infantry is called a company.Source:Patriotic A... Read More »

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How many men is a military troop?

The term military troops is used to represent various numbers of enlisted men. Three common interpretations include: one soldier; 3 to 6 platoons, each at 30 to 40 soldiers and, therefore, anywhere... Read More »

How many men in a military troop?

That depends on the type of unit you are talking about. An armor platoon has sixteen men. A mechanized infantry division has around twenty thousand.

Who are the persons subjected to military law?

In a sealed envelope or container in the possession of a vetted classified document courier, or in a locked cabinet or safe in an approved classified documents storage area.

What is the authorized number of persons in the us military?