How many peppers can grow on a single plant?

Answer According to the Horticulture and Crop Science extension at Ohio State University, bell pepper plants grow six to eight peppers per plant. With care, a plant can produce more, although some varieti... Read More »

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How many peppers grow on a pepper plant?

one or two at a time , maybe a dozen or so as it grows... Does that anwser it??

How many asparagus grow on a single plant?

Asparagus grow as stalks from the ground. Each season a crown of asparagus planted in the right conditions can produce as much as 1/2 lb. of asparagus. A crown is the stem and root system of the as... Read More »

How many green peppers are on a plant?

There is no set number of green peppers to a plant. Pepper yield depends on the variety of pepper, where the plants are grown, weather conditions and soil quality. Some varieties of bell pepper pla... Read More »

How many pineapples grow in a plant?

One, although technically this is a conglomeration of many pineapple flower spikes.