What would you do with a peck of peppers?

Answer _Start cooking some chicken baby :) Beware though I love them raw :)

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Jalapeno peppers taste just like bell peppers?

It can happen depending on where they were grown and the soil conditions, I had the same issue with store bought jalapeno's and the long chinese green hot peppers, one year on my balcony I tried to... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Heat from Hot Peppers?

We have all had experiences with hot peppers burning our mouths at some point or another, and many of us assume water will help. Truth is, it is the worst method, and will just make the sensation w... Read More »

How to Prepare and Eat Hot Peppers?

Hot peppers are an important food ingredient in many cultures, from China to Mexico to Greece. However, many people do not know how to prepare hot peppers to the best advantage. Luckily, it is easy... Read More »

How to Pickle Peppers?

Pickling is a way of preserving various types of foods by fermenting them in vinegar. Pickling gives foods a sour and salty flavor, but you can add a wide assortment of spices and herbs to vary the... Read More »