What would you do with a peck of peppers?

Answer _Start cooking some chicken baby :) Beware though I love them raw :)

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Jalapeno peppers taste just like bell peppers?

It can happen depending on where they were grown and the soil conditions, I had the same issue with store bought jalapeno's and the long chinese green hot peppers, one year on my balcony I tried to... Read More »

What is josh peck doing now?

he is going to be in a movie called hearts of men

How many oysters are in a peck?

There is no definite number of oysters in a peck. A peck is defined as a quarter of a bushel of oysters. A bushel is also rather loosely defined by weight: anywhere from 45 to 60 pounds.Source:The ... Read More »

Is josh peck alive?

no he is very dead and still walking