How many people work for health insurance companies?

Answer According to the Current Employee Statistics survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 440,400 workers in the health insurance industry sector as of March 2010. This is a consider... Read More »

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How many people work in the health insurance industry?

More than 440,000 people currently work in the health-insurance industry. The industry grew by more than 50 percent during a 10-year period beginning in 1997.SourceEconomic Policy Institute

In NY if you have health insurance and have colon cancer but want to switch insurance companies for better coverage does the other insurance company have to take you?

Answer I sure would check before I made the switch. You could be getting into that pesky, ''pre exsisting condition'' thing.......Ask the new carrier first before you switch, (I'd get it in writing... Read More »

How can you find a website listing only co-op or non-profit health insurance companies and insurance covering alternative medicine like acupuncture?

website listing Insurance Companies Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

When did health insurance companies start?

According to the Economic History Association, Blue Cross was the first health care insurance company. It started in 1929, when a group of teachers contracted with Baylor University Hospital in Dal... Read More »