How many people were born in the US last year?

Answer i have no idea. that's y i asked.

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How many people were killed because of the Salem witch trials and how many were accused?

More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem witch trials, which took place between 1692 and 1693. Twenty people suspected of being witches were killed. Bridget Bisho... Read More »

How do people who were born blind imagine colors?

I'm a complete achromat, which makes me legally blind, not completely blind, but I am completely 100% colour blind. Colour, at least how it exists in your world, is not in my realm of understanding... Read More »

Can people who were born blind imagine images and have visual dreams?

The first question I asked on this site 2 years ago was "what do blind people dream",a very good answer I got was from a chap who worked with the blind,he told me that those who have been sighted b... Read More »

How many babies were born in 1990?

Most doctors suggest 4-6 weeks unles you had a difficult delivery with a tear or an episiotomy, then possibly longer. Usually after the post-partum exam by the physician.