How many people wear contact lenses?

Answer Estimates of the number of people wearing contact lenses in the United States range from 24 million to 34 million.Source:University of Michigan Kellog Eye CenterAll About Vision

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What percentage of people wear contact lenses?

Approximately 25 million Americans wear contact lenses, according to the Regional Eye Center. As of June 4, 2010, the United States Census Bureau reported that the United States has a population of... Read More »

How many hours a day can you wear disposable contact lenses?

it says on the box....... 24hrs................. u can wear em longer, not good to though

How long can you wear extended wear contact lenses?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the silicone hydrogel or "super-permeable" extended wear contact lenses for continuous wear of up to 30 days, according to All About Vision. Other... Read More »

How long do you wear extended wear contact lenses?

Most extended wear contact lenses can be worn for seven days without removing them. However, some types of extended wear contact lenses have been approved for up to 30 days of wear without removal.... Read More »