How many people watch the one show every night?

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How many people watch TV every day?

There are roughly 284,574,000 people who watch television in the U.S. each day, according to There are over 393,000,000 who view content over the internet and mobile devices. The aver... Read More »

How many people watch big brother every day?

How many people in America watch football games every year?

Football games in America draw huge audiences, with the National Football League averaging 16.6 million viewers per week during the 2009 season. The Super Bowl in February 2010 drew 106.5 million v... Read More »

Where can I watch every single episode of every TV show ever made online for free?

After reading the answers I have to LMAO, bunch of idiots! I do agree with you though. If you notice, most of the questions could be answered by googling, but if they did what questions would we ... Read More »