How many people watch TV every day?

Answer There are roughly 284,574,000 people who watch television in the U.S. each day, according to There are over 393,000,000 who view content over the internet and mobile devices. The aver... Read More »

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How many people watch TV in the USA?

According to the Nielsen ratings company, an estimated 290 million people age 2 and older in the United States watch television as of September 2009. The numbers reflect an increase of 1.5 percent ... Read More »

How to People Watch?

Have you ever just wanted to sit and watch the passing crowds? Maybe try to figure out their lifestyles or where they are headed? This article will explain a few steps to get you started.

Why people watch HD-TV so much?

Honestly, I don't know. I have an HDTV, and I think it looks just the same as a regular tv. Nothing too special about it in my book!

Why do people watch sci fi?

Because they enjoy it. DUH. Not everyone like it, not everyon hates it.