How many people watch TV daily?

Answer There are 114.5 million homes with TVs in the U.S. and an estimated 290 million television viewers. According to a study conducted by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and E... Read More »

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How many people watch Dr Phil daily?

How much time do people watch TV on a daily basis?

According to a Nielsen Co. report, Americans in 2009 watched about five hours of television per day. This is an all-time high for TV viewing. The increase is probably related to economic conditions... Read More »

How many people watch ESPN on a daily basis?

People get attracted to ESPN because they want to watch sportscenter to see what they missed or to watch whatever is on like nascar or a football game

How many people watch the Oprah Winfrey show daily?

I don't.Why should private citizens pay bailout? Are you suggesting this just because they are wealthy?The bailout isn't charity; the government is purchasing assets. If Trump and Winfrey were to f... Read More »