Why do some people just never try to text you?

Answer Well to tell you the truth im the kind that kind of person. I dont EVER text anybody! I wait for them to text me. And wel this is the way i see it... I dont want to interrupt anybody and why talk t... Read More »

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How do people put text upside down?

How to Text Bomb People?

There may be a time in your life when a friend or loved one gets mad at you and sends you a hate text. You can get them back with text bombing, it overloads their phone and stops them from whatever... Read More »

Can you text people with a Zune?

You can send text messages with the Zune HD, which has a built-in Web browser. Connect to your Web-based mail provider and send an email to the address associated with a phone (e.g. "1234567890@vte... Read More »

Why do people like to talk on there phone more they text?

You don't get all the effects of communication from texting.You can miscommunicate too easily, by not getting the "tone of voice" that indicates anger or amusement.Texting is very impersonal. It's... Read More »