How many people suffer from speech anxiety?

Answer According to research conducted by Dr. J.C. McCroskey and others, approximately 75 percent of American college students confirmed they felt strong anxiety regarding public speaking. Fear of speakin... Read More »

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Do you suffer from anxiety?

i truly hate it- i get really worked up then i can breathe for hours and i pace. plus it makes me think all of these horrible things and i cant control it.

How many americans suffer from anxiety?

Anxiety disorders affect 19.1 million adults in the United States, making anxiety the most prevalent mental illness in the country, according to the website Healthy Place. Individuals suffering fro... Read More »

What is speech anxiety?

Speech anxiety, or the fear of public speaking, can cause a variety of emotional and physical reactions. Almost everyone experiences some degree of speech anxiety. But fortunately, many people are ... Read More »

What causes speech anxiety?

Most people have experienced speech anxiety at least once in their life. Many experience symptoms so extreme that they may find it impossible to speak in front of any large group of people. There a... Read More »