How many people still worship Ra or any other Egyptian gods?

Answer Suprisingly, there are actually MANY superstitious people who supposedly believe everything they hear or who were born into a family who had different religious beliefs that others might not have, ... Read More »

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How to Draw Egyptian Gods & Goddesses?

Ancient Egyptians worshiped many gods, including various animals. Most gods and goddesses, however, were believed to resemble humans. Egyptians made renderings of their gods and goddesses on potter... Read More »

Games About Egyptian Gods & Goddesses?

Children are often fascinated by ancient cultures, which have produced a wide range of interesting gods and goddesses. These groups of divine beings -- also know an pantheons -- often possess very ... Read More »

Can someone who had hepa B vaccination still infect other people?

Dylan, your question is slightly ambiguous. Are you carrying the virus, or have you just been inoculated against it?

Why Do People Worship Celebrities?

Idk they probably think there pretty and popular and hot