How many people play soccer world wide?

Answer According to the Library of Congress, there are approximately 240 million soccer players in the world. The international governing body of soccer, FIFA, consists of 205 soccer associations around t... Read More »

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How many people have aids world wide?

In a recently published report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the HIV/AIDS department estimates that 33.4 million people worldwide are currently living with HIV--the AIDS virus. AIDS is st... Read More »

How many people world wide have diabetes?

The World Health Organization estimates that 171 million people worldwide have diabetes. Experts at the organization also expect this figure to more than double by 2030. That figure is up from an e... Read More »

How many people watched the World Cup of soccer?

The 2006 FIFA World Cup, which was the last one held in the world, had a television audience of 26.29 billion, according to the official website of Federation Internationale de Football Association... Read More »

How many people world wide watch baseball?

The 2009 World Baseball Classic was broadcast by 60 media outlets to 229 countries in 13 different languages. The nine games that were broadcast by ESPN were viewed by 1,616,000 people worldwide.Re... Read More »