How many people play soccer in the USA?

Answer Nearly 24.5 million Americans play soccer, according to FIFA, the world's governing body for soccer, with slightly more than 20 million unregistered and 4.2 million registered. FIFA also notes that... Read More »

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Do people play more soccer than football?

More people play soccer on a worldwide basis than American football. Soccer ranks as the top sport in about 175 countries worldwide. However, more people play American football in the United States... Read More »

How many people play soccer world wide?

According to the Library of Congress, there are approximately 240 million soccer players in the world. The international governing body of soccer, FIFA, consists of 205 soccer associations around t... Read More »

Do more people play soccer or American football?

According to FIFA, there are over 265 million registered soccer players in the world or nearly 4 percent of the world's population. There is no official number of American football players in the w... Read More »

Is it okay to wear soccer pants if I don't play soccer?

sure you canI wear nylon panties and I'm not a girl.Wear whatever feels best to you