How many people play computer games?

Answer The number of people who play video games varies from year to year. According to, 72 percent of people played video games in 2007--an eight-percent increase over 2006 statistics. This ... Read More »

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Can you play computer games on the wii?

The Nintendo Wii only plays Wii console games and Wii Ware games made by Nintendo or third party publishers. The Wii does not play computer games. Only PC and Macs can play computer games.Source:Ni... Read More »

Can you play PS3 games on a computer?

It is not possible to play PS3 games on a computer natively. You would need an emulator to play PS3 games on a computer and as of June 2010) no PS3 emulators are available for computers.Source:Play... Read More »

How to Play Jar Games on a Computer?

Programs and games that are written in Java are encapsulated inside files with the extension "JAR." To be able to play games that are within this file format, you have to install the Java Runtime E... Read More »

Games to Play on the Phone With People?

The telegraph is one of the greatest inventions in human history. Allowing instantaneous communication across wide oceans, this invention was fundamental in 20th century globalization. From this co... Read More »