How many people pee in the shower?

Answer the thing about the toilet being right there, is that, i never have to pee until i actually get into the shower...and instead of getting back out and getting the seat wet and wasting our precious h... Read More »

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Do many people urinate while taking a shower?

yes... I know I do sometimes... It goes to the same place.... An is more sanitary than people think. More than paper, that's for sure. Although people don't talk about because they think is disgust... Read More »

How do people that need glasses cope in the shower?

Even though there is the inability to see clearly, I am still able to distinguish between the colours and shapes around me. And if you know your home well enough, you could probably manouver around... Read More »

Why do people use water saving shower heads?

It is mandatory in most areas due to water conservation efforts.

Why will a shower curtain fly toward the shower when the shower is running and hang straight down when it is off?

When you have a hot shower steam is generated and, because it is warmer than the surrounding air, it rises. As the steam flows upwards, cooler air flows in to the lower level of the shower. If the ... Read More »