How many people over 18 live in America?

Answer The latest statistics (2008) from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that 75.7 percent of people in the United States are over the age of 18, according to the USCB's QuickFacts. This equates to about 23.... Read More »

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What Were Different Reasons People Came to Live in America?

The first inhabitants of North America, the Native Americans, are likely descendants of a nomadic people who came to North America in pursuit of game. Non-nomadic people, though, are typically relu... Read More »

How many people in America live in mobile homes?

Approximately 6.8 million Americans live in mobile homes. The southern states are home to the majority of mobile homes. Texas, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina have some of the greatest populati... Read More »

For people who live outside North America: Do you find American accents appealing?

I live in Kent, about an hour away from London. In case you're reading this in what you perceive to be my voice, I'll try to explain my accent, 'cause most people'll assume I'm either ridiculously ... Read More »

Should people who live unhealthy lifestyles have to pay more for insurance than people who live healthy lifest?

Theoretically, yes.In practice, no. Do you want the insurance health cops tracking how much fast food you ate this week? I don't think so.-->Adam