How many people normally work on the international space station?

Answer There is normally a crew of 6 aboard. This is made up of 2 three man, six month expeditions that overlap each other by 3 months. When the shuttle is at the station, it usually carries a further 6 o... Read More »

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How many crew members are on the International Space Station?

Usually the number of crew members of the international space station should never be below three. However when the space shuttle docks with the ISS the number of crew members could be above 10. It... Read More »

How many miles does the international space station go around the earth?

Was there a space station before the international space station?

Skylab was the first space station launched and operated by NASA from 1973 to 1979. The first space station was launched by the Soviet Union in 1971. The core module for the International Space St... Read More »

If you had unlimited cash, would you take a space flight to the international space station?

No thanks...could think of some many other things I would like to do with that kind of money.